Who is here?

“WE ARE HERE!” is the title of the five-year transnational educational programme against antigypsyism by RomaTrial e.V.. But who are “we” anyway?

Our project wants to create a new understanding of “we”. Due to experiences with (the) antigypsyism, far too many Roma* and Sinti* in Germany know what it means to be excluded from the “we”. Many hide their identity, do not feel safe in society, in school and at work. This must finally come to an end!

Peers - Estera
I stand up for the Roma and take part in various anti-discrimination projects. I want to encourage other Roma youth to show themselves!
Estera, 18
Peertrainer in Berlin
Today the Roma are still discriminated by society and its system, even though we live in a democratic state.
David, 21
Peertrainer in Berlin
I play Forum theatre and am involved in many Roma projects.
Naomi, 19
Peertrainer in Berlin
All Roma United
Antigypsyism is a form of racism that opposes Roma *, Sinti *, Kale *, Kalderasch *, Lovara *, Lalleri *, Ursari *, Beasch *, Manouches *, Ashkali *, Aurari *, Romanichals *, Droma *, Doma *, Gypsies *, Travelers * and other people who are stigmatized with the "Z-Word".
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… share one goal: Where “we” is not a question of origin, skin colour, sexual identity or gender identity! In a world in which diversity is taken for granted and disadvantage is part of history.

… from RomaTrial e.V., a transcultural self-organisation of Roma* and non-Roma*. Since 2012, we have been fighting against antigypsyism and for new spaces in society to amplify voices of Roma* and Sinti*.

… young committed Roma* and Sinti* from Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony who are trained as peer trainers against antigypsyism as part of the project. We are multipliers who work in (extra-)school education. We address other young people on the topics of antigypsyism and other (or “further”, then “other(s)” does not come twice) forms of discrimination. We make the invisible visible, confront others with it and claim our place in society, our rights and our freedom.

Our message is: "We are here!"
Educational programme against antigypsyism

We bring a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge that we want to share. We are curious about you, your experiences and your knowledge. Share it with us!

Who are you?

Then contact us! For questions and enquiries, please contact us at post@wer-ist-hier.de