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WE ARE HERE! at DEGANE! K.NOW YOUTH! Federal Youth Congress

WE ARE HERE! to the second federal youth congress DEGANE! K.NOW YOUTH! of the new German organizations invited.

In conversation with Alexander Rönisch, “WIR SIND HIER!” Project Manager

Am 17. und 18. September diskutieren unsere Peertrainer*innen als eine von insgesamt fünf On September 17 and 18, our peer trainers will be one of five youth groups at the Federal Youth Congress of the ndo to discuss their demands, wishes and ideas for the future. Moderated by Malcolm Ohanwe, the two days of exciting workshops, talks, open spaces and stages will focus on THE issues that move youth and young adults aged 16 to 25.

On this occasion, project manager Alexander Rönisch talks about the work of the WIR SIND HIER! education project against antiziganism in the current newsletter of neue deutsche organisationen. Click here for the full interview (in German).

Academic anti-discrimination work, for example, only reaches very specific target groups, often with high educational qualifications, and excludes many others. That’s where we want to break the issues down so it’s more inclusive.  

Alexander Rönisch, “WE ARE HERE!” Project Manager

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