What do we do?

Antigypsyism is not a “minority issue”. Its roots, as in other forms of racism, are firmly anchored in the power structures in society. Therefore, the solution to the problem can only be the responsibility of society itself. In combating antigypsyism, the focus must be on the dominant society and demand reflection on the causes, mechanisms and consequences of antigypsyism. At the same time, the voices of those affected by antigypsyism must finally be recognised and heard.

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These principles are united in the project "WE ARE HERE!":

In a nationwide networking process, the project team brings together actors from the field of (extra-)school education against antigypsyism, researches the current state of knowledge in this field, bundles the existing knowledge in a public report and develops it further in two expert conferences. Click here to find out more about networking and conferences

Qualification of young Roma* and Sinti* as peer trainers

In Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony we train young Roma* and Sinti*, but also other young people who are affected by racist and intersectional discrimination, to become peer trainers against antigypsyism. The workshops and events are individually tailored to their previous knowledge, interests and needs. Click here to find out more about Peer Trainers

Educational tool against Antigypsyism

In order to implement and pass on what they have learned, the individual youth groups develop their own creative educational tools against antigypsyism, which address the dangers of right-wing extremism, make the self-determined perspectives of young Roma* and Sinti* visible and renegotiate the question “Who are we? Click here to find out more about Educational tool

Raising awareness of antigypsyism among young people

The peer trainers against antigypsyism apply their knowledge and skills in schools and youth institutions in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony: They present their educational tool, increase other young people’s awareness about antigypsyism during breaks and in targeting workshops and answer their questions.
Click here to find out more about Raising awareness about Antigypsyism

Training for teachers and multipliers

As an experienced team, we also train multipliers, teachers or pedagogues so that they can confidently address and confront antigypsyism in the classroom or in recreational facilities. Participants are motivated and empowered to address the issue of antigypsyism themselves, basic knowledge is imparted and questions are answered.
Click here to find out more about Training for teachers and multipliers

Handout for teachers and multipliers

For the training courses for teachers and multipliers we are working on a handout that contains the most important information about antigypsyism, the history and present of Sinti and Roma as well as suggestions for reflection. We will be happy to make it available to the public once it has been completed. Click here to find out more about Handout for teachers and multipliers